Sale Wishlist

As you may all know sales are starting at the end of the month. My head has been going everywhere as I go from site to site. I’ve been loving so much things that I can’t decide on what I really need, what I like, and what I love! If I let myself improvise the D-Day. So I though it was a good idea to share with you items I got my eye on.


Loafers from Parfois


Mules from Parfois


Oversized Asymetrical shirt from Stradivarius


Oversized shirt from Stradivarius


Oversized Blazer from Zara


Cropped Palazzo Trousers from Zara

Metallic Stan Smith from Uncle Jeans



Casual Minimalism

As always it’s been a long time since I posted my last article and I hope you can forgive me. This being said, I think we can start talking about a new trend that is really in right now. As you noticed on the title, we will be talking about casual minimalism. « What is that ? » you may think. It’s not crazy at all. It is a style that mixes clothes with very simple lines. Most of the time it is monochrome with different shade of black, white and grey ( Mhh shades of Grey, okay that’s not the point..).

Various of icons made this style famous but the ones that made me love this trend are Dina Tokio (Dina Torkia), Subhi and Alia Taha (both sister and brother, I love them/him). As you may see they are all Youtubers. I’ve selected a few pictures so you can see their style properly. (Notice that I couldn’t decide on pictures to choose, so I chosed more than I originaly wanted).


Many brands starts to go on with the minimalist trend. ASOS has just created a new line dedicated to this style, you will be able to find different pieces of minimalist clothes. Their line is called ASOS White. The master of this trend is the japanese Uniqlo. You will find basic pieces at reasonable price.

I selected different pieces of cloth that I love at this moment, I hope you will like it too. I tryied to choose affordable items.

Those basic sweatshirts are from Pull and Bear. They are oversized and layered with a shirt or a mesh dress, paired with skinny jeans and sneakers, you will have a beautyful casual minimalist outfit. (Sweatshirt #1, Sweatshirt #2 )


This mesh dress will go with everything and will add an edgy touch to your minimalist outfit. I love this one and it’s from Aliexpress, a real bargain.



These trousers are just perfect for their simple lines. You can find them at Uniqlo and their is many colors and pattern avalable.

What would be a casual look without sneakers. I’ve found a pair that has a really simple aesthetic. Personally I need to have shoes that are key pieces on an outfit, with minimalist clothes. And these pair of sneakers are the perfect combination between minimalism and eye catching piece.

So it is time towrap up this article, I hope you liked it wether minimalism is your style or not. Bye !

SS16 Trends

Hello to everyone out there who is reading this right now. As you noticed on the web, on magazines or even on television, spring/summer trends are going to be really interesting this season. I know there are many trends coming out for this new season and it is quite difficult to see what will be a huge trend and what will not. So I decided to show you what trend I will personally follow during this spring and summer.

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