Let’s talk about Prom

Hello everybody !! I’m back, and as you probably noticed it, we’re going to talk about prom today !
Prom! What a great night that you’ll remember almost all your life. But last but not least, prom is the night where you feel beautiful!
For this happen, we need to preprare ourselves, and find what to wear. This is the point I wanted to achieve.
I’m lost in thousands and thousands of prom dresses, how to make a choice… Everything about prom dresses is gorgeous : beads, lace, glitters, sequins…
But anyway, I’m going to show you what I found, maybe you’ll find what you were searching for so long.

As you can see, I really liked this dress but the fact is that I don’t know what outfit to choose…

And you probably recognized the awesome Bethany Mota, also known as Macbarbie07. I really loved her prom dress last year and I’ve found the same one at Aliexpress for just 25 bucks !!!

 So, leave a comment below or on my facebook page and tell me which outfit you liked the most !

Bye !!!XOXO