My dream bedroom

Hello everyone!
Today’s article will focus on decoration ideas for my dream bedroom. Since my tastes totally changed, I’m really into decorating my bedroom to something more « adult ».
My desired bedroom would be a cozy, calm and relaxed athmosphere.
I’ve been looking all aroud pinterest these past few weeks and here is what I found.

Going to be the color of my master, but with white and teal decor.. LOVE!
I like these soft colours for the bedroom - link in bio -

glam. Love this beige and white setup. With stool on carpet

As you can see I’m really into taupe colors. This athmosphere would be so great when you come back home after a long day. Or just chilling all day long on netflix watching your favorite TV show and just moving to go to the toilet or to grab some food. (Don’t tell you never do it)
Whatsoever, this is just perfect ! Moreover you can easily recreate this. My little tip is that the most part of the work is done by adding different textures and a tone of pillows.

If you enjoyed this article you can actually see all my bedroom’s wishlist on my pinterest account.

Fashion & Modesty

Hello friends,

After a long time without my lovely presence, i am back. You knew it, you knew that I would be back soon. And here I am, as promised. Today, I wanted to talk about modesty. Being a muslim, I try my best to keep my appearance modest. It has been about 2/3 months now that I started wearing hijab. It is the best exprience I have ever done. It is the best thing I have done in my entire life. It was quiet difficult at the beginning because you care about people’s reaction but after a while you understand that you do it for Allah (SWT) , not for people. And now i am so happy with it that it feels weird thinking about me not wearing it.
So, I wanted to show you how to combine fashion and modesty in the best way. I know that the best thing is to wear the hijab in its proper way, which is something loose fitting, but I hope I will be able to do that one day InshaAllah.
I am going to try to put different style to show you that everyone can be modest.

Let us start with a basic outfit, the abaya. Loose fitting and black. You would say it is the tipical muslim clothe. Yes, that’s true but look what she did. She just added heels and accessories and this look is by far completely different.

Now, look at this outfit. A loose fitting tunic and denim pants. Everything is covered, it is a neutral look but it is a unique outfit.

These outfits are the evidence of the ease of creating a modest and fashion outfit. Whatever your style you can keep it « Halal » if you understand what i mean.
Last but not least, this outfit ! All black, but so beautiful. Everything is perfect exept the fact that i would add a scarf around the neck. Otherwise, she is incredible.
To finish I would add that wearing the hijab is a choice, we don’t do it against our will, we want it. We respect ourselves and feel happy with it. 


Winter Favorites

Hello everyone, I’m back with a new article. I know it’s been a very long time since I talked to you guys but hopefully I’m here! So, as a long time passed, I should make you aware of my taste in fashion as it has changed a little bit. Indeed, if you do not know, I’m at college now and I feel like I may change my style a little bit and dress more like a « woman ». So I’m going to show you a few pieces that I LOVE for the new season and an outfit that I freshly made.

1. The black coat 

2. Trench coat
3. The Stan Smith sneakers 

 4. The plaid scarf