Spring favorites

Hello everybody, even if it has been a long time since i published my last article, i’m here ! Anyway, because I haven’t talked about fashion and trend since a very long time, I’m going to talk about things Ii’ve been liking this time and that I’m going to love for the new season.

Kimono Dreams in Huntington Botanical Gardens | Song of Style


The first thing in my wishlist is this kimono. We can almost find it in every stores; printed, lace one…
My favorite one is from Aliexpress. If you wonder how to wear it, let’s take a look at the next picture.

Fashion* Lovers | via FacebookMichael kors
Like you have seen in the previous outfit, the Micheal Kors rose gold watch is definitly one of my favorites for spring.
l0velylife.blogg.nocut out boots | via Tumblr
Those cutout buckle boots are my obsession for the new season ! But, in my opinion, the brown ones look better for spring.