How to bring happiness in your life

Hello everybody !
I hope you’re doing well, I wish you a happy new year and I hope 2014 will make you happier than ever.

     Anyway, I am here today with a kind of a touchy subject. Indeed, because a new year just started, I’ve decided to make an article about hapiness and how to bring dust of hapiness in your life.
In fact, you’ll not find hapiness in one and only thing, you’ll find it in a lot of things.

     Firstly, in people,family that surrounds you. If you feel good,happy with your friends or your family like sisters, brothers or even your parents or aunts… Just keep spending time with them.  Because they will avoid you thinking about bad thing or somethings like that.
     Secondly, you’ll find happiness in things you like to do. If you love reading, then do this. If you love sports, drawing, video games or even fashion just like me; just do this. Because nobody will avoid you doing this. And if it makes you happy and you feel alive doing it, just do it !

     Happiness is hidden in a lot of things, but others can prevent you to be happy. I mean, telling bad things about yourself will not make you happy anymore ! So just stop doing it. I know it’s easier to tell than to act and you’re not gonna wake up one morning and find you are more self confident.. It’s like learning playing guitar, if you don’t practice it everyday, you’ll not succeed. So, what I mean is, that you should look at yourself in the mirror and tell you that you are different in the good way. That you don’t look like those girls or guys that bully you at school or anywhere else.. I mean, it can be easy if you really want to enjoy yourself and then your life. If you understood my last sentence, you’ll understand that, to love your life, you have to love yourself first.
     If you really wanna enjoy yourself, just keep doing what you love and being yourself because if you just stop one minute thinking about the reason why mean people bully you, you’ll find that, they are just jealous. You can tell that it’s an anoying answer but please, YOU have things that THEY don’t have ! YOU are different, YOU don’t look like others.. And maybe they tryied to be different but it’s so hard to be, that they choosed to be on edge..

     To finish in a good note, just spend time with people that you really like. And be the kind of person you like to spend time with!

I love you all, thank you for reading and if you wanna talk or anything else i’ll be here as a friend because we are all a family here!


PS: Sorry if you find spelling mistakes. =S

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